This week, Jeff's family is here from out of town, we've had a great time hanging and just relaxing with them. Their daughter is just one month older than our twins, so it's fun for them to have another playmate too :) Evie is walking sooo well and has been for a while, I think Ava tried to copy her b/c she starting walking like crazy since the first time we hung out with Becky & James. Now we just need Aiden to follow suit! Anyway, we went to the park the other night and just let the kids play!!

Aiden - you're soo handsome!

Ben & Evie


Austin walking with Ava

Ava is walking :) Love her little skirt too!

Austin holding Ava

My little cutie pie!

pppppppretty :)

<3 my Ava.

Aiden is def. our serious one.

Ben...not really playing with Ava...and I love that Ben went potty and pulled up his own can see his scooby doo underwear!

Jeffy with the kiddos :) Ava walking off on her own..and we're still working with Aiden!