Warari Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being part of the most amazing thing, a wedding :) I was the 2nd shooter for Michael and Emily's wedding, who got married at Calvary Christian Reformed Church!. I was so excited when Emily emailed me saying that I could be her second shooter. This was my first wedding, and since she already had a photographer I kinda stood back (to keep out of the other photographer's way). Although I stayed in the background I was still able to get some exciting shots.

Firstly, here is their beautiful church :) Located in Grand Rapids MI.

I had so much fun hanging out in the ladies dressing room while the girls got ready they were all soo beautiful and Emily could not have been a more beautiful bride, her dress, jewelry and everything was beyond amazing! Here are some of the detail shots of her dress...

Watching a bride get ready is soo much fun, Emily's excitement/happiness was so beautiful and infectious. The MOH helped with most all the hair (or maybe all?) she of course she did a beautiful job, all the girls look amazing, here is Emily getting ready...

Since they had an evening wedding Emily and Michael decided to do a reveal, this is when the bride and groom set aside some time before the ceremony to meet up with eachother alone (well not alone, the cameras were there!). This is such a special time and I managed to get some shots of this too. The groom's face says it all.

The wedding party posed for lots of indoor photos, at this time it was kinda busy and instead of adding to confusion I stood back and watched their photographer do her magic, but I did steal a couple shots when the wedding party went outside for a moment...

Emily and Michael had the coolest guest book, I heard of this being done, but hadn't actually seen it, they made a photo book out of their engagement pics (taken by their photographer Erin) and had the guest sign on all the pages, that is such an awesome idea for those people who don't want a huge frame around the house, but yet don't want to hide their guest book in a box someplace, it was great!

Durring the ceremony I didn't really get a chance to get right up there and take a lot of photos, I was afraid of getting in the other photographers shots, and/or the other photographer was in all mine lol! Here are just a couple of their beautiful ceremony.

Making it official..

I loved all the details at the reception, instead of a traditional cake they opted for a cupcake cake, it was soo cute with little candy canes that made hearts on the cupcakes! Then they had just a small cake on top for them to cut into it was soo cute! They also had tons of candles and lights around, it really looked beautiful!

Mr. & Mrs Warari

and there was dancing too :)

Love is just a word...

until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

It's December which = slow photography month since I mainly shoot out doors! Anyway I took this pic yesterday and just loved it.

Current obsession...

textures! So I'm kinda new to the texture world but have to say that over the past couple weeks I have become obsessed with them!! Of course this means that I have spent countless hours scouring the internet to find some. That's when I came across Texture of the Day, a set on flickr. This guy has the most amazing textures for FREE, and you know how I love free things!! Soo I downloaded about a million of them and played around with some of my fav. photos that I always thought could use a little something...more. I also have to give a shout out to CoffeeShop because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all her actions, and what's very cool is that she gives them for free..although donations are accepted! Anyway, so here are a couple of the photos that I decided to play around with, you have probably seen some of them before, they're just a little re-vamped.

The sweetest thing...

Here are my little angels...well two of them, I couldn't get Ben to participate today. But the twins did so well, I took some pics of them in front of the Christmas tree :) Here are their best shots!