The other night Genna and Landen were over...Ben has soo much fun when they come over!!

Landen :)

These two are buds..and so cute

Brother & Sister

Buds...but don't be fooled, ben isn't trying to be friends...his arm is wet and he is trying to get Landen's shirt all wet...

and again...ben isn't going in for a hug..he is trying to get Landen's shirt wet again..Ben decided that he was going to use the slip and slide IN HIS CLOTHES :(

yummmmmm...apples :)

and treats.

omg ben...the silly faces you make!

pretty Genna...


Genna is either going to be a model or photographer...she had me follow her around the yard and said "get one of me here...try from this angle...or you could stand over there" ha! a girl after my own heart!