I have been so excited to blog this post, mostly b/c Lindsey and I love love love planing parties/events/photoshoots :) We have been wanting to do a lifestyle session for a while now, and with Lindsey and Nick's one year anniversary coming up (next month), why not now? Any...lifestyle sessions are so fun b/c there doesn't have to be a reason for them...yeah, that's what I said. No reason at all, except for fun :) So p.s - I'm just going to throw this out there....if you are interested in doing a session like this, email me, and we'll get it all planned out :) soo enough talking, lets see some pics..right!?!?

Here is our set up...who doesn't love a pretty picnic :)

ummm...fagygo and peaches..YUM!

Aren't these just the cutest little birdies..Linds and I found them at GW

Ha! isn't Lindsey little miss homemaker? Her cake looks so cute :)

We picked wild flowers and hydrangeas.

Cutting the cake...was actually really funny. It was sooooo hot outside. the cake kinda...melted and fell apart! ha!! it was awesome!

But you can see the pretty colors inside (awesome job linds!)

Love the tea...also awesome finds at GW

fun crops :)

Alsooo did I not mention that Nick is an amazing musician!?! Check him out http://nickolman.com/