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hey all - thanks so much for following me on the blog, it's bittersweet to say but....WE'RE MOVING ON!!!!!!!! yay! lg has a brand new blog, and it's....well...AWESOME! so please come check it out, we'd love it! Browse around, comment (hint, hint!)
Thanks again everyone, for the comments, emails and love in general!

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p.s - do you think I put enough links to the new blog?!


Ethan is 6 months...well actually about 7 now ;) Anyway, Rachel and I have been meaning to get together for a while now to get these pics, but schedules are tough and the weather hasn't always agreed with us. But today was is just one from today, but there are many many more cutie pie ones to share!


Today Lindsey and I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding, we've been praying all week for no rain (as was everyone) and it turned out to be a beautiful night :) Just one for now, but there are many many more... :)
Josh & Sarah

Benny Boy

Here is my LOVE, Benjamin - I can't believe he is 3 1/2 years old! Actually he'll be 4 in September. I can't believe that it's already been that long since my little Benny boy was my little baby benny boy! I miss him as a baby but love watching him grow too, my favorite part of the day is when we argue about who loves eachother more! He makes me smile every single day :)

I also wanted to play around more with textures...I am loving them lately!!!

Clous Family

This past weekend Lindsey and I met up with the Clous family at Tunnel Park, in Holland. It was so beautiful there, the sun was out and the kids were excited to go to the beach :)
Check out the Clous family.


LOVE the little flower bow!!

I love the next one, we tried to get a "just parents" shot..ha Saige couldn't let that happen...ahh life :) gotta love it!

The Yorks

Last week, while Jeff's cousins, Becky and James, were in town they asked me if we could get some family pics of them...and of course we did just that :) Linds and I met them at Tunnel was soo cute there, it's been a while since I was last there!


Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing adorable little guy who absolutely made my day! We trucked around the beach and honestly just had a fun time. Thanks so much to his mom Rachael for being awesome too, it was only about 100 degrees! ha! but anyhow check out this little guy!

I love love love these sunflare pics :) :)