Day 1

It's here!!! Tonight will be the GRAND RE-OPENING!!! Please remember to go and check it out!! Maybe even buy something too! I know we are doing Grab Bags and there is an awesome collab kit available too!!!

Here are my freebies for today:
Pink Alpha

To download ALL/ANY of these freebies go here

Cork Alpha
ScrapMatters Packaging

To download ALL/ANY of these freebies go here

Doodle Paper

*For all images you can click on them to get a larger preview!
To download ALL/ANY of these freebies go here

There will be so much going on today at Here's preview of the Grab Bag that I did for the opening...

**DAY 2**

Only one more day!! Hope everyone is getting excited to get to and check it out.

Here's today's freebie:

You can get it here

DAY 3!!

Hey it's almost here!!!

Here's a preview of today's freebie.

Get today's freebie here

**DAY 4**

The countdown to the GRAND RE-OPENING of!!

I am excited excited, I hope everyone else is too!

Here's today's freebie:

Want this freebie, then go get it here

**DAY 5**

The Countdown to the GRAND RE-OPENING of

Hey all I just have some paper scraps for you today! Hope you enjoy!

You can download the scraps here

**DAY 6**

I hope that everyone is getting excited for the Grand RE-OPENING of I have been working hard to give you guys a freebie each day, and I hope that you all go and check out on AUGUST 8th!!! I know there are going to be a lot of great things going on that day!!! Anyway, here is your freebie for today!
An alpha for today!

You can download this alpha set here.

Or you can download the font here:



Here's day 7, they are dried out stamps for each month.
Here's a preview:

You can download this freebie

**Day 8** The count down to the GRAND RE-OPENING of SCRAPMATTERS.COM

Hey everyone! I'm here with another day of freebies as promised!! Today I'm giving away some WA. Hope you like it!
Here's a preivew:

You can download it here

**Day 9** Counting down to the GRAND RE-OPENING!! is about to have a whole new look, and I am helping to get everyone excited by giving away a freebie everyday until it opens!! Hope you enjoy today's freebie!

Here's a preview

You can download the freebie here

**DAY 10**


Here's my next freebie. It's one of my doodles again, a circle frame. Hope you enjoy it.
Here's a preview:

You can grab this freebie here

**-DAY 11-**


I hope everyone liked the months calendar stamps that I made, I really loved those. This next freebie is called "randomness" it is a mix n' match of different elements that I made. This was also going to be part of my morgan add on kit. But I decided to scratch that and give it all away.
Here's a preview:

You can grab this freebie here

This freebie was made to go with this kit:
My first kit for scrapmatters~~

You can get my Morgan kit here

**-DAY 12-**

Here's the first day of freeibes!!! This is all leading up to the GRAND RE-OPENING of Scrapmatters

Check it out

Download it here

This freebie was made to go with this kit:
My first kit for scrapmatters~~

You can get my Morgan kit here

12 days of freebies

Hey everyone!! Sorry I'm late posting the first freebie, I'm at work and have been workin all day. I will post it as soon as I get home, and add an extra too for making you all wait!!! I'll be back later tonight!!

See ya!

Scrap Matters Grand Re-Opening!!!

Hey all -

It's the countdown to Scrapmatters Grand RE-Opening! Starting on JULY 28 2008 I will giving away a freebie EVERYDAY until 8-8-08 to celebrate it!!

Keep checkin' in to get the freebies!

Doodle Alpha

Hey all! Sorry I haven't had anything out in a while. I've been pretty busy lately. Just so everyone knows, Scrapmatters is going to be having a GRAND RE-OPENING!! I've been getting some stuff ready for the store and I'll be giving away freebies everyday to count down the days until it opens!! I'll have dates for you soon. Anyway, I made this Doodle Alpha and it was going to be part of one of my new kits, but I decided that it didn't go with the theme like I thought it would. So here it is, I'm giving it away instead! Hope you enjoy!
Here's a preview:
You can find it here

I'm here to help!

Hi, my name is Lisa of Lgperspectives and I love designing custom wedding invitations (including Save the Date, RSVP, Programs and Thank yous), baby announcements, party invites and much more.

Custom wedding stationary:
Are you getting married and need custom invitations but don't have much $$ to spend? Here's how it works, I can make you Save the Date cards, RSVP cards, Direction Cards, Invitations, Programs, Table cards and Thank Yous. You can either pick a design from cards I have already made, OR choose your own and show it to me. I am more than happy to recreate it for you! I can make all the images and email them to you OR let me take care of printing them all and putting them together for you. All you have to do is pay a low production cost, and cover the cost of printing. That's it!

Baby Announcements/Engagement Annoucement/Cards:
Having a baby? Let me design your announcement! We'll pick out a design ahead of time and then you email me with your baby's info when he/she is born, I'll get them ready and printed out for you!

Christmas Card

I also love to digital scrapbook. Scrapbook pages make wonderful gifts. Make them into a coffee table book, mouse pad, calendar or just have them framed. All you have to do is send me a photo and a theme, and I'll scrap it. I can then either email you the file, or have it printed for you. No time to get it framed? Let me take care of that for you!. You just pay a low production fee and cover the price of the frame (or calendar, coffee table book ect..)

To see some of my scrapbook pages that I have made for myself or for other customers please check out my flickr.

Photo Retouching:
Love the way selective coloring photos look?? Have annoying red eye in your photos?? Need to make a photo b&w, or sepia?? Or how about some help touching up annoying wrinkles, or scars. I can easily touch up any photo for you. It's easy, all you have to do is email me the photo and I will retouch it for you and email it back. Don't know where/how to have it printed? Let me send it out for you!

To see some edits that I have done for myself and others, visit my flickr.
(please note that under each photo is a link back to the original photo)

Payments are easy and safe with Paypal.

For any questions about products or prices please email me.

I'm still here..

Sorry that I've been gone for so long. I am working on a new kit for scrapmatters, but until I can get that finished I would like to post this alpha that I made the other day. It's been so crazy I feel so bad that I haven't been around for a while.
Here's a preview:
*To see a larger preview click on image!
This freebie is available at Find it here

The Font called called Trashco, and can be downloaded here

Another Freebie

Hey all, I've got another freebie for you! I call them Doodle circles
Here's a preview:
*click image to see larger preview.
Download them here.

Here's a layout that I made using them:
our family
**Click image to see credits.

A freebie!

I know I haven't been around with a lot of stuff latly, I just wanted to give this out to everyone.
Click image to see larger preview.
Download it here

Some of my new Layouts

Paityn page
To see credits click on image!
*I used my kit Morgan to make this one, get it here

To see credits click on image!
*I used my kit Morgan to make this one, get it here

To see credits click on image!

To see credits click on image!

NSD is coming up!

My first WHOLE kit for scrapmatters...

Here it is guys, I made another kit. This one is my first one for Scrapmatters. I am so proud of it! yay! Anyway check it out
My first kit for scrapmatters~~
The kit will be available here soon!

And here's the paper pack that I made...called "I have the blues"
Get this paper pack here

I'm still here

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while. I just wanted to add something here!
Download it here


Here's an overlay freebie from me, I made it a while ago. Works great over pictures or on your page!
here's a preview
Download it here

Doodle Pack

This is my first doodle pack for This pack includes some stuff you may have seen here before. But also has 3 NEW FRAMES and 5 NEW BORDERS. I am really proud of this one. All doodles are hand drawn from ME! All made with 300dpi and all in black. These can easily be made into any color that you'd like.
Here's a preview:
Get it here

New alpha!

Here's my first thing up for sale at Go check it out.

Get it here

I also have a new logo, let me know what you think of it!

A freebie

Hey all, I am going to be designing things at now! But I haven't really started yet so here is one more Alpha set for free. Hope you like it, it's neon lights!! Just kinda a fun one!
Here's a preview!
*click image for a larger preview!
Download them here

I'm really excited to be part of I will be still keeping my blog up, and still making freebies!! don't worry!! You'll have to come check me out there when I get started. Hope you like this alpha set. Also thought that you would like to know that I FINALLY attached a TOU with this.


Blues papers

Here's a blue pack. These were from my "blues traveler kit" I decided to give them away now as freebies! There are 9 papers, 3600 x 3600. Hope you like them.
Here's a preview:
*click image to see larger preview.
If you like these papers you will love my "I have the blues pack" at
Check it out here

Square Frame

Here's a square frame I just made up. Hope you like it.
Here's a preview:
Download it here

New doodle Frame

Here's one I just made.
*click image for larger preview.
Download here

Magnetic Poetry

Here's some magnetic poetry. The whole alphabet and then some extras!
Here's a preview:
Download them here

Pretty Frame

I love this one, made it last night. I made two versions of this one, one with a white frame inside (as shown in preview) and one without the white, so you can add what you'd like to it.
Here's a preview:
*click on image to see larger preview
Download HAS EXPIRED. You will be able to find it soon as part of a pack here

A quick border

worked on this one today
*Click on image to see larger preview.
Download it here

Anyone up for a Challenge?


Hey, I've been wanting to do this for a while. So, I love to see the creations that are made using Lgperspectives items. For this challenge I would love you to post a comment on this thread and show me your creation. Don't have blogspot or unable to post a comment for some reason? Email me an image or a link to the image and I will post it here as a comment to this thread. ( After about one week I will choose a winner and the winner will receive a "grab bag" from me. (not the same as I posted in an earlier thread) Anyone up for this...I would love to start more challenges like this. We'll see how it goes.

1. Each person may submit 1 or 2 images.
2. Must be using some Lgperspective elements or papers.
3. Have fun with it.

*I hope this challenge gets a lot of participation.
***I can't get the images to show up in the comments so I will be posting all of the images right here on this thread.

#1. Made by Kimbytx

*click on image to link back to users gallery
Kimbytx used the Heart Corner Overlay which can be downloaded here
and the my first overlay freebie which can be downloaded here

#2. Made by Kimbytx

*click on image to link back to users gallery
Kimbytx used the Swirly page template which can be downloaded (DOWNLOAD EXPIRED)

#3. Made by Sarah
Sarah used my pink paper pack which can be downloaded here and my Page template/overlay which can be downloaded (DOWNLOAD EXPIRED). For more polka dot papers like the font, check this pack out, and download it here

#4. Mady by Zakirah

*click on the image to see users gallery
Zakirah used My Doodle Frame, which can be downloaded here

#5. Made by Lynne Romero
Lynne used one of my swirly overlays which can be downloaded (DOWNLOAD EXPIRED)

#6. Made by Lynne Romero
Lynne used one of my doodle frames, which can be downloaded here

#7. Made by Gouzi-Scrap

*click Image to be direct to users blog
Gouzi used one of my doodle frames which can be downloaded here

#8 Made by Pc Li

*click on the image to be directed to users blog
Pc Li used papers from my "blues traveler" kit sampler, you can grab them here. Pc also used my my "big doodle swirl" which can be downloaded here. Pc also used my torn edge which can be downloaded here