Big swirl doodle

Hey everyone, just wanted to get one more freebie out here before Christmas because it's crazy busy around this time of year! So here it is, I call it Big Swirl Doodle, hah you'll see why. Here's a preview
Big doodle swirl
Download HAS EXPIRED. This will be put in a pack of swirls that can be bought here

Also here's my latest digi-scrap page.
**Pick up the word art here
***Swirly design download HAS EXPIRED
**Pick up the swirly element here

Introducing Myself

Hey everyone!
I haven't really had a chance to introduce myself. My name is Lisa, I am married (for about 2 years now) and I have the most perfect little boy ever (1yr.) I got my first digital camera in 2002, but really just started using it when we had our little boy. This summer (July 2007) I started getting into a little thing called Digital Scrapbooking. I just fell in love with it. I love that it's ok that I can't cut straight lines, and that usually ended up with glue and tape all over my scrapbook papers. I love that it doesn't matter if I hate something, because then I can just delete that layer. The only thing I miss are the textures, and depth that scrapbooking gives, that is why I usually try to do as much as I can to make lots of layers. I JUST recently started to make my own stuff in November of 2007. I got this blog because I noticed so many other talented scrappers have their own blog to post their pages & freebies, and to just communicate with other scrappers. I also have a flicker account, where I am part of lots of scrapbooking, and family oriented groups (flickr ID: lisasawesomepics ). Since I am still new at all of this I give everything away as freebies, some day when I get my owe website I will probably do a mixture of both freebies, and some pay for kits. My husband is a web developer so he is working on making the site that I designed. I am really excited about this. Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for the awesome feedback that I have received. I love to do this, and it isn't a bother for me to take requests or tweak something to make it more appealing to everyone. Just comment on something or email if needed. I try to check the comments once a day. Obviously with the holidays here I might not be able to work as much. But I do try! Anyway, I would love to get to know some of my regular viewers, send me a link to YOUR blog or gallery.


My latest digi-scraps!

Here are some of the digital pages I have been working on lately. Let me know what you think. Some day I would love to be able to "make scrapbooks for people" That would be ideal...but not quite sure how to go about doing that. So for now I just make them for my family! Here's the latest!
lindsey and jmom
**Pick up the awesome lime green paper I made here!
**Pick up the word art "A mothers children.." here
**Pick up the swirly background frame here
**Pick up the polka frame with blue ribbon here
Download Template here
Taillor and Ben
**Pick up the ripped hole here
Size is small, but can be made larger (as I did).
**Pick up the torn edge here

**If anyone is interested in the page layouts, let me know and I can create templets.

Paper pack freebie!

Here it is, my 2nd paper pack. This time I thought that I would do pink! I really love these papers!
Here they are:
Download them here
*Show me some love if you use them!

Calendar Stamps

I always see these, but never see them quite how I want them, so I made some today. One for each month. All blank of course. Here's a preview:
Download them here

1st Paper Pack!

My first time doing a paper pack. This is a green paper pack. Hope you like it!
Please comment if you used it, or with any suggestions, or requests! Thanks.
Here it is
Download it here

Corner vintage Daisydfft

Here is a corner Daisy for your scrapbook page. It looks aged and is a CORNER FLOWER. Here is a preview (note, that i used mine on the corner of a brown paper, but if you download it, there is no background.
Here it is:
Download it here

Here's something...

I worked on this a while ago, thought that I would post it today.
Here's a preview of it
Not available for download YET. I have been having problems with 4shared. Will be up asap though.

Page Templet/Overlay/Freebie

I am really proud of this, I was inspired by something I saw in a magazine and just had to make this. I am really excited to share this with everyone. You could use it three different ways, I made a preview for each, and of course each one can be downloaded for free! Here is the first way you can have my page. This is a blank version. You can add your own pictures and papers. Here's a preview
Download HAS EXPIRED. This swirly will be added to a pack and put for sale here

Here's the papers I used with it. Please note that I did not make this papers, I downloaded them a while back. Here's the preview:previewpagetempletcolor

And last but not least, I cleaned if up just in case you didn't want to have the photo frames in middle. Here's a preview:
Download HAS EXPIRED. This swirly will be added to a set that will be for sale here

Please comment me with which one(s) you like and used. It's good for me know to know what is more popular, then I know what to make more of in the future. Thanks!

Doodle borders

While scrap booking I find myself wanting more and more doodles. Doodle swirls, flower, borders, overlays. You name it. I put together a couple doodle borers here, let me know if you like them. Here is a preview (I cropped just a little they are really 3200 pixels tall)
Doodle Border 1:
Download it here

Doodle Border 2:
Download it here

Gold Frame..

Here's a gold frame that I like to use for digi-scrapping.
Download it here
*Please comment if you use.


This is my first time doing the paper thing. I love dark papers, so of course that would be my first one. Here it is:
Download it here

Here's another one I worked on today.
Download it here

Another Freebie

Swirly oval frame..
Download it here

Doodles Freebie

Just playing around with some doodling today, thought that I'd put them into a little kit and give them away. Here's what they look like:
Download them here

Overlay Freebie

My first overlay, can be used as frame too. Here's a preview of it:
Download a blank one here

**Please comment if you use. It's nice to get feedback. Thanks, Enjoy!

Making Frames...

I made another frame...lots of swirls and doodles. Here's a preview of it
Download a Blank frame here


I wanted to make a grungy frame. Here is my first try...
Download an empty frame here

More word art..

Taking in a request! It was a great idea. Here it is:
Download it here

More word art..

Well I have a boy, so I wanted to make some word art for him...I thought that this quote was cute.
Twinkle Twinkle...
twinkle twinkle
little boy, how you fill my heart with joy.
Download it here
**The preview on 4shared looks all black but it does download correctly!

Word Art and more...

A new one I made today for a scrapbook page I am making of my niece.
It's called She will fill our hearts...
She will fill our lives with sunshine, and our hearts with love.
Download it here

Also I made a frame today for the same page.
Download a blank frame here

Here's the finished page...
Girly Page

Christmas Cards Again...

I really enjoy making these, since I have received some positive feed back, I will do a couple more. Here is the latest one I made, this one isn't only limited to Christmas, can be used for all the Holidays (whatever religion you are)
Holiday Card
Download blank card here

Another Card

Just into making these cards today, here's another one!
Christmas Card
The Font used on this card is called Perpetua
Download a Blank one here



My first time making Embellishments. Hope they are ok. You can download them here.

Christmas is Here..

..Well going to be here soon anyway. I am making Christmas cards. Here is the one I made for our family
Download a Blank card here.

Here is the one I made for my sister:
christmas card
Download a Blank card here.

I'm new at this, Please Comment if you download one of these Christmas Cards

Family Pics

A couple weeks ago I took some picture of my family. Mostly the kids but it was a good time. Here's a couple of my favorite ones.

Hey All

Just starting this blog, still playing around with all the different options. Lots to learn. I just made a Digital Scrapbook page for my son Benjamin's 1st Birthday! Check it out.