Wine Tasting!

This weekend I went Wine tasting for the first time :) I had a lot of fun and I actually liked several of the wines, although not all. But hey I'm still new to the whole wine tasting world! In fact I'm pretty new to the whole wine world in general. I feel like for some reason or another I haven't been able to drink for the past four years, but now with the kids behind me and no nursing, why not start a new hobby?! Anyway we visited St. Julian Winery first and I LOVED the wine there the most! Next we went over to Warner Vineyards, the wine was good there and the atmosphere was great! Such a cute little winery. Our last stop was Cascade Winery which I have to admit was my least favorite, but it might be because I was hungry and we were slightly in a hurry by the time we got here! are some pics from wine tasting!


Today I was inspired by beautiful photos I've seen online of wedding rings. I decided to take my ring and my husbands ring and do a photo shoot of my own :)

4 Months :)

Mr. Aiden is 4 months, here are the highlights of his "photo shoot!"

Trash the Dress

So it's been two weeks since Lindsey & Nick got married, and she wanted to do some cute Trash the Dress pics, and of course I wanted to do them too!! anyway here is a peek at a couple of them...

Austin's Football Pictures

Austin's parents wanted to have some more photos of him in his football uniform, other than the one snap of the team photo. We had a lot of fun on the football field tonight with him!

Emily's Senior Pics

Just finished editing these pics. Doing these pics was so much fun :)