This past weekend I was excited to do some newborn photos for an adorable little guy, Ethan! He was so cute, and actually slept the whole time, I honestly don't think I even got to see his eyes once! Thanks so much to Ethan and is parents for letting me try a couple different things and oh yeah....we shot the whole session OUTSIDE! I loved it, the lighting was so beautiful!! Everyone should have summer babies so I can always do outdoor sessions!


This past weekend I had the chance to meet up with little Benjamin and his mommy, Shelly. We met up at a park right here in Grand Haven, I was so excited to have some wonderful weather, and lots and lots of sun! Benjamin is such a cutie and was a wonderful little model! I really love that Shelly brought along a cute quilt that was a gift from Benjamin's grandpa, I think it really adds a little something! Thanks so much Shelly and Benjamin, you guys were great :)

babies babies babies

Hope everyone is having a fab. Memorial Day weekend :) I bet most of you are camping...but not me, I'm out and about taking photos of adorable babies :) Today I met up with Benjamin and his mommy Shelly. It was so nice to meet up with her since we've been emailing back and forth for a while now.
Here is just a quick look at little Benjamin.

Next I went out to Grand Rapids and met up with Kelly, Joe and their adorable little guy, Ethan, who is only 5 days young. I love love love all the hair this little guy has :) He was soo cute and he actually slept for the WHOLE session! Thanks Kelly and Joe for letting me try lots of different things, you guys are great :)

Benny Boy

I took these pics a month or so ago, but really didn't have time to edit them. I've been so busy editing sessions & wedding, so tonight I decided to just make one quick post with my little guy :)

This is what I get when I tell benny boy to smile... he is too cute!

no people pics?

yeah...that's what i said. There are NO people in this post, which is strange b/c we've never had so many people at our house...funny how that works, right?!? Anyway this past weekend my bff Lindsey and I put on the twins' FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! :)
I have so many people to thank for help getting the house ready. Firstly my dad and brother-in-law Jeff, thanks for putting in this LOVELY patio. Notice the nice little bit of Jeffy helped with that :)

If you love that patio and live in the Greater Grand Rapids MI area, shoot me an email and I can get you in touch with the guys of Ada Custom Concrete, they really do fab. work!

And now for the party, Lindsey helped me with pretty much every single detail! I can't thank her enough, I'd say we make a pretty good team :) I'm posting a bunch of pics here on my blog of all the details that we spend hours creating/planning, but you can catch some awesome DIY instructions over at her blog soon!

Welcome to our party :)

The inside ::sweets table::
Everything except the two bowls of candy was made by Linds and I.

Happy Birthday Banner :) - it was hanging above the sweets table...not that you can see that from my pics! but i promise it was there!

ohhh and those wonderful cup cakes were made by my sister rachel, who is an amazing cake decorator. now you want to see them again..right?!? ...ok

Look at these adorable pie pops! I have to admit that the DIY instructions I followed looked so easy..and yet, sadly, many of my pops failed. But no fear, still enough left to have on the sweets table.

My mom made this wonderful rock was a hit with the kids AND adults :) Thanks mom!

oh nos - don't forget to fill up a bag so I'm not left with all these sweets!

Cute garland that hung on the sweets table, I now love my sewing silly not to sew fabric, but to sew paper! yes! it's my new favorite thing!

The biggest bummer of the day is that we didn't get to put out all the decor before people started showing up. Guess we should have planned more time! Also, I didn't get a chance to take pics of the food table that was cute, with cute mason jars of lemon aid. Oh well...I am sure there will be many more parties :) Anyway, here are some of our outdoor pretties :)
Tree mobiles...cute idea. but MUCH more difficult to hang than we ever imagined! ha!

Tissue poms!

Jars..we lined the fence with these cute baby food jars, filled with grass clippings, flowers and paper pin wheels.

Flag banners hung around and about :)

Clothes lines with photos, yeah we made cute clothes pins too!

ohhhh...and the gifts! Thanks everyone SOO much for all the wonderful gifts that the twins received!

and Ava's favorite!