I'm still here

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while. I just wanted to add something here!
Download it here


Here's an overlay freebie from me, I made it a while ago. Works great over pictures or on your page!
here's a preview
Download it here

Doodle Pack

This is my first doodle pack for Scrapmatters.com. This pack includes some stuff you may have seen here before. But also has 3 NEW FRAMES and 5 NEW BORDERS. I am really proud of this one. All doodles are hand drawn from ME! All made with 300dpi and all in black. These can easily be made into any color that you'd like.
Here's a preview:
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New alpha!

Here's my first thing up for sale at scrapmatters.com. Go check it out.

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I also have a new logo, let me know what you think of it!

A freebie

Hey all, I am going to be designing things at Scrapmatters.com now! But I haven't really started yet so here is one more Alpha set for free. Hope you like it, it's neon lights!! Just kinda a fun one!
Here's a preview!
*click image for a larger preview!
Download them here

I'm really excited to be part of Scrapmatters.com. I will be still keeping my blog up, and still making freebies!! don't worry!! You'll have to come check me out there when I get started. Hope you like this alpha set. Also thought that you would like to know that I FINALLY attached a TOU with this.


Blues papers

Here's a blue pack. These were from my "blues traveler kit" I decided to give them away now as freebies! There are 9 papers, 3600 x 3600. Hope you like them.
Here's a preview:
*click image to see larger preview.
If you like these papers you will love my "I have the blues pack" at scrapmatters.com.
Check it out here

Square Frame

Here's a square frame I just made up. Hope you like it.
Here's a preview:
Download it here

New doodle Frame

Here's one I just made.
*click image for larger preview.
Download here

Magnetic Poetry

Here's some magnetic poetry. The whole alphabet and then some extras!
Here's a preview:
Download them here

Pretty Frame

I love this one, made it last night. I made two versions of this one, one with a white frame inside (as shown in preview) and one without the white, so you can add what you'd like to it.
Here's a preview:
*click on image to see larger preview
Download HAS EXPIRED. You will be able to find it soon as part of a pack here