I've been so excited to post these pics, Jeff and I took the kids to one of my parents' friend's house (well yard/orchard), and got some wonderful pics of the kids. I have to admit when I brought my chair out there I had envisioned something totally different than what I ended up with! I guess one year olds don't quite understand that they should "sit still" soooo....the chair idea didn't really work like planned, but I still love the pics. I was sooo bummed b/c I bought the cutest little newspaper boy hat for Aiden, but he HATED it...so no pics with the hat = :(

Anyway, here are the pics of the kids. Mostly of Ava and Aiden b/c the point of our little trip was to get "one year" pics of the kids :)

This is the only one I got of them together, they just move soo fast!

Gosh Ben..don't look TOO excited there!

Jeff and I have decided that he looks like Carl Fredricksen in this photo!