OMG! :)

okkkkk can I just start off by saying thank you, thank you to all my clients that I have had the privilege to work with, it's truly awesome that you have trusted me with your family, kids, senior and wedding photos. Anyway I am excited b/c I have booked more weddings this year that I ever thought I would in my first year :) Soo having said that, here it is! I am doing a WEDDING GIVEAWAY :) I know you're excited about that! So read the info below, and I hope you'll shoot me an email ( telling me about your awesome love story! Not getting married, but know someone who is? Nominate them (but please let them know to avoid confusion and/or double booking).

Fine Print (please read):
Wedding must take place in 2010. If I am booked on your wedding date, and you cannot change it, then you must forfeit the prize and it will be offered to the next qualifying couple. This giveaway has no cash value. Your email must be received no later than 11:59pm PST on April 30, 2010 in order to qualify. For weddings over 150 miles from Grand Haven, Michigan, travel fees for Lisa Gross and her assistant will apply (hotel & car for 2 days, and depending on distance, roundtrip airfare for 2). If you are unsure what travel costs may be, please email me at to acquire approximate quote. Past clients or currently booked clients do not qualify for this giveaway. Family members and friends/acquaintances of Lisa Gross also do not qualify. The winning couple will be announced here and on lgperspectives's blog on or about May 2nd, 2010. An email will be sent to the winning couple and if multiple unsuccessful attempts have been made to reach the couple or for some reason they are unable to claim their prize, then they will forfeit their winnings to the next qualifying couple. Please do not submit your story unless you intend to follow through with the prize, should you win. In other words, don’t mess around.
Brides & Grooms may nominate themselves by submitting their story and a photo or two. Friends and family may also nominate the bride and groom of their choice, however the bride & groom should be aware of the submission. This is just to avoid them booking a different photographer during the contest period.

Email me today :)

My little stud muffin

oh I know, another personal post, of my kids! Here is my littlest man, Aiden. He is such little poser, honestly we were outside for a total of like 5 minutes, and I got all the shots I needed :) I love taking photos of my kids for so many reasons: #1 - I only have to please ME! #2 - I can do them right in my own backyard #3 - It gives me time to play around with my camera and practice, when working with a client I get nervous to try new things b/c I don't want to mess up their photos! Whereas when I am shooting pics of my own kids, guess what? I can delete them ALL if I don't like them (which most times ISN'T the case!). Anyway, here is my little man, his hair is growing in like a mohawk, it's honestly getting long and think ONLY in the middle :) So why not just embrace it!


So tonight I decided to look back at Jay and Jillayne's engagement pics. I have changed a little bit in terms of editing so why not take a double look, images that didn't appeal to me then, do now. I was really happy when I came across the images below that I didn't do much with before. I can't wait for my e-sessions that I have coming up :)

Miss Ava

I am so excited about the next couple of months, lots of photo shoots! So I am taking this time right now to KEEP practicing!! Plus I have a feeling that I'm not going to have lots of time in the next couple of months to take photos of MY kids, so I'm doing it now. I really love these pics of miss ava. Believe it or not she is almost always smiling...until I take the camera out!!! Even though I didn't really catch her smiles I still love these.

playing with light

I am getting really excited for this spring. I have three weddings coming up, e-pics, family pics, childrens pics and senior pics ;) Anyway, I am so excited so of course I thought I'd better get out there and work on some things. I am SOOO in love with sun flare photos :) and although I love them so much I have NOT mastered them at all! So tonight I just went out with Ben (now that I look at these pics I realized I should have changed his clothes and combed his hair) and practiced! I got a couple that I really liked, and the rest...well I am a work in progress :) Here are my best shots from tonight :)

ok, that last one didn't have anything to do with sun, just a snappy of my benny boy playing on the swing. <3 him!


Today I decided to take some new pics of the babies around the house. This means Aiden, Ava and Ethan. Ethan is three months now, you might remember his baby pics. He is getting so big now and looks JUST like his big brother! He seriously is his clone! I also took some pics of the twins, now that they are going 11 months!!

This was Ava's first time clapping, I'm so happy she decided to do it right when I had my camera out to capture it :)

I promise spring is on it's way...

Yay for it being slightly warmer today :) Austin (my nephew) is over today b/c he doesn't have school and he brought bubbles! So naturally this meant that I had to follow the boys outside with my camera! I wanted some more practice shooting/editing in RAW format. I have always shot in JPG but read that it's more HQ to shoot in RAW. I do love how I can play with the light and stuff so easily but like everything...something new to get used to :) Plus I might have to stock up on some more memory cards b/c RAW takes up a lot more space.

My fav...Austin blowing a bubble..wish I would have caught that bubble in focus :( I give lots of credit to those photographers who have awesome "bubble" shots...just harder than it looks, esp with kids doing the bubble blowing. Also I was hanging out with my new 50mm which has kinda a slow AF.

And of course the next ones are of my little Benny was next to impossible to get a shot of him blowing bubbles...considering after he used his whole bottle I think he actually only got about 5 bubbles total :) cutie!


These kids make my heart smile..for real! So my sister Becky and I decided we were going to get some cute pics of our kids today, so of course we went out and got them super cute clothes and were soo excited about it! Well Becky's kids participated wonderfully, but mine... I got ZERO pics of Aiden, one of Ava and a couple of Ben. Oh well, I'm glad I got some cute ones of Becky's kids. I'll have to harass my children again a different time. I guess we got what we asked for bringing them OUT at nap time :( I was sooo excited too b/c I got the cutest little outfit for Ava and the pic in this preview doesn't even show it!! So I am sure I will dress her up in it again soon. are some of the highlights from today's session :) Enjoy!