oh I know, another personal post, of my kids! Here is my littlest man, Aiden. He is such little poser, honestly we were outside for a total of like 5 minutes, and I got all the shots I needed :) I love taking photos of my kids for so many reasons: #1 - I only have to please ME! #2 - I can do them right in my own backyard #3 - It gives me time to play around with my camera and practice, when working with a client I get nervous to try new things b/c I don't want to mess up their photos! Whereas when I am shooting pics of my own kids, guess what? I can delete them ALL if I don't like them (which most times ISN'T the case!). Anyway, here is my little man, his hair is growing in like a mohawk, it's honestly getting long and think ONLY in the middle :) So why not just embrace it!