Yay for it being slightly warmer today :) Austin (my nephew) is over today b/c he doesn't have school and he brought bubbles! So naturally this meant that I had to follow the boys outside with my camera! I wanted some more practice shooting/editing in RAW format. I have always shot in JPG but read that it's more HQ to shoot in RAW. I do love how I can play with the light and stuff so easily but like everything...something new to get used to :) Plus I might have to stock up on some more memory cards b/c RAW takes up a lot more space.

My fav...Austin blowing a bubble..wish I would have caught that bubble in focus :( I give lots of credit to those photographers who have awesome "bubble" shots...just harder than it looks, esp with kids doing the bubble blowing. Also I was hanging out with my new 50mm which has kinda a slow AF.

And of course the next ones are of my little Benny Boy...it was next to impossible to get a shot of him blowing bubbles...considering after he used his whole bottle I think he actually only got about 5 bubbles total :) cutie!