This past weekend Mitch & Christina were married in Grand Haven, Christina is the first person who asked me to do her photos, yeah, that's right. About a year ago she asked me if I had ever taken photos professionally, and if so, would I do their engagement and wedding photos. I can't believe how awesome this past year has been, and believe me when I say, I never thought that I'd be doing all these photos. I have been so lucky that so many have trusted me with their newborn, family, senior, engagement and wedding photos :) I am still learning more and more each day. BUT anyway...I didn't intent on making this post about me, I swear! Soo here they are, Mitch & Christina :)

First of all...I must say it now, I LOVED this bouquet!! Christina's mom made it, and omg..I don't think I have ever loved silk flowers so much :) And since I love it so prepared to see lots of it in this preview ;)

They decided to do a reveal...did I ever mention how much I LOVE's so awesome to watch ::looove::

Mitch and Christina wrote their own vows...omg it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!! you guys are awesome.

LOVE this one...Christina was reading her vows..and she looked away just for a moment, but look at Mitch..honestly how sweet is that?

Bouquet love...and fun with Christina at the same time :)

Yeah...THAT'S A CAKE!!! yay for Christina finding Spring Lake Cake!

oh are no stranger to my camera <3

Christina didn't have traditional bridesmaids stand for her..but she has a cute group of friends who came to their intimate reception :)

Lindsey totally set up this shot..

I've always wanted to do the newspaper shot..and since there happen to be one literally just laying there...