A couple days back I posted a preview of Stephanie's kids. These kids are all so cute, and all have their own distinct personalities! I had fun roaming around the park, following them with my camera. I have to admit that Michael is at the age now, where he's like "ok you get one more!" ha! gotta love it, doesn't he know that "one more" to me really equals like 50? haha - but her girls love the camera...or should I say the camera loves the girls?? Either way, it's cute/adorable/lovely/fun! I've known Steph for so long, it's fun to get together and have a chat...and we all know I love gatherings that include my camera :)
Anyway, here are some more pics for you.

These kids have grown so much since last year.

Getting four kids to sit and look at camera...ha! but I love these next two, this is life, this is how it is when you have young kids!!

Look!! rocks! ha, Aubri, you are too cute :)

Love these next ones :)

lol at this next one...Landon! - is he giving me "the look" or what?!?