Tonight, Jeff and I took the kids to the park. It was the most beautiful perfect night, it's nights like these that get me through all the crazy days, it's hard to believe that Jeff and I have almost officially made it one year with multiples (and a three year old).
<3 them! Here is just one for tonight, I'll upload more tomorrow.
Sorry so late, I was soo under the weather yesterday...but here are those images I said I'd post. I love evenings when we can lay in the grass and do nothing but play with bubbles. Notice Ben is not in any pics...he was too busy meeting friends and play on the play structures.

We arrived at the park and thought that the twins would want to stay in the stroller while Ben ran around...that lasted about...two seconds!

Aiden just wanted to play with dad...

and explore with miss Ava play with dad... play with Ava and bubbles. - see a trend. He couldn't decide if it was more fun to "fly" or explore! What a cutie.

He and Ava both have the most amazing eyes!

thanks could have given me at least ONE smile! ahhh it's ok, there is always next time.

Our twins are ALMOST ONE! I just can't believe it! We couldn't be more happy.

**Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma Schafer for the super cute clothes :)