Happy snow day...to all of you outside the Grand Haven area. This morning I was watching the news and I think all the schools in West Michigan were closed except for Grand Haven, Spring Lake & Fruitport...this was a major bummer for my nephew who was expecting a snow day! He came over this morning in his robe & PJ's and had NO plans of going to school, but a call to his mom quickly changed that :( for Austin! Anyway I am at home with a little boy who isn't feeling that well..and of course what do I let him do...go outside! Yeah maybe not the smartest choice, but he was sick staying inside so I figured why not let him go out JUST for a little bit, he was begging, and he is soo cute when he begs. Plus I needed an excuse to play around with my new lens...which I am loving. Anyway so here are some pics of my little benny boy playing outside :)

Yeah...it's cold but we've seen colder for sure! (don't mind the dirty thermometer, it's outside!)

Here is Ben, playing outside, he kinda just sits in the snow...this is not good snow for a snowman..so he was bummed because that's why he really wanted to go outside :(