Sometimes my favorite thing to do is just sit and watch these kids...I love the way that the twins hold hands while playing, or how they get all tangled up! It's so cute to watch two little babies interact with each other! Here they are...just a typical day, playing, holding hands and just having fun :)

Yeah I looked over and Ava had her arm around Aiden, this is what prompted me to run and get my camera!

I just thought it was so cute the way that Aiden moved all around her, he is moving all over while she just says put!

That's my little princess, rocking some awesome "dollar spot" sun glasses (just like her momma!)

Yeah look closely..they are holding hands really cutely and Aiden is now chewing on HER hand :)

I love the way that Ava is always watching Aiden...I'm thinking that once he gets really good at crawling maybe she'll watch and learn then too!??!

My handsome Mr. Aiden!

A little more serious, but still soo cute!

And last but not least one more of my little doll (sporting some pretty sweet clothes from Grandma & Grandpa Randy!)

** Please don't think that I am ignoring Ben these's just that he decided that he HATES the camera! Now everytime I pull out the camera he runs into another room, but it is about time I make him do a "photoshoot" with me! Although in order for that to work I have to stock up on lots of candy and be in the mood to beg! haha

*Hope everyone had wonderful holidays :)