..to pay waaay too much for your holiday cards?? I, like many others, find myself looking around this time of year for the perfect holiday card, but the problem is that they are all so expensive! I have to admit that I have a small obsession with pretty much all the cards at Tiny Prints, but they a little to rich for my blood (for those of you who don't know me, I am 100% dutch, therefore I must have all things for cheap!). So this holiday season I went around to Tiny Prints and another favorite, Shutter Fly to find my favorite holiday cards and re-created them for free :) Yup! You heard it, you can download my version of of these awesome cards for free. Here's a preview of the different cards that I have worked up and are available for download. Want another great tip??? right now Wink Flash is having a sale on Holiday Cards, you can choose the "blank card" layout and upload any one of these designs into the 5x7 card! Their holiday cards are 40% off right now! Just remember to use the coupon code: HOLIDAY09. Have fun and I hope this helped :)

They read top to bottom and left to right, numbered 1-7.
Get #1 here
Get #2 here
Get #3 here
Get #4 here
Get #5 here
Get #6 here
Get #7 here

*Dowload any and/or all of them for free :) Need help to customize it? email me for any questions lisa@lgperspectives.com Please note that I do charge for customization of the greeting cards.