I am really proud of this, I was inspired by something I saw in a magazine and just had to make this. I am really excited to share this with everyone. You could use it three different ways, I made a preview for each, and of course each one can be downloaded for free! Here is the first way you can have my page. This is a blank version. You can add your own pictures and papers. Here's a preview
Download HAS EXPIRED. This swirly will be added to a pack and put for sale here

Here's the papers I used with it. Please note that I did not make this papers, I downloaded them a while back. Here's the preview:previewpagetempletcolor

And last but not least, I cleaned if up just in case you didn't want to have the photo frames in middle. Here's a preview:
Download HAS EXPIRED. This swirly will be added to a set that will be for sale here

Please comment me with which one(s) you like and used. It's good for me know to know what is more popular, then I know what to make more of in the future. Thanks!